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We teamed up with DigitalOcean to provide you fast, rock-solid hosting while protecting your privacy. Spin up new SSD servers in 55 seconds or less!


We're focused on a safe, secure, and private user experience. Bitcoin helps protect your identity without divulging any banking details.

Simple Pricing

Pay only for what you use each hour. No setup fee. No monthly minimum.

  • 7/mo $0.0100/hour
    512 MB 1 CPU 20 GB SSD Disk 1 TB Transfer
  • 13/mo $0.0193/hour
    1024 MB 1 CPU 30 GB SSD Disk 2 TB Transfer
  • 20/mo $0.0290/hour
    1024 MB 3 CPUs 60 GB SSD Disk 3 TB Transfer
  • 26/mo $0.0386/hour
    2048 MB 1 CPU 25 GB SSD Disk 3 TB Transfer